Natalia Pieczuro 18 + 25 maart en 1 april

18 + 25 maart en 1 april. 19h30 -21h30

1 les : 15 € (- 26 jaar: €12 )
Voor een volledige reeks mag je 5€ korting rekenen.

De Vloer @ Nest (verdieping +3 oude stadsbibliotheek).

Natalia Pieczuro is a dancer, performer and teacher. She studied cultural anthropology and graduated at SEAD with a double diploma in choreography and performing. For the last 10 years, she’s been walking the Fighting Monkey path which gave an axis to her teaching and life. 

As a teacher she is motivated by an urge for movement – as a consequence of being alive! – and by an endless will to share. Her teaching is totally based on the Fighting Monkey practice and is open to dancers, actors, circusartists, sports people, to all movers!

SESSION INFO The session will be totally based on the Fighting Monkey practice and dedicated to strenghtening and elaborating your skills. We will work on strenghtening the focus and awareness of the whole system through “movement situations”, coordinations, rythm, improvisation, partnering work and working with tools. We will learn to break patterns and learn new ones.

What is Fighting Monkey? Check it out here!
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