Billie Hanne – 4 t.e.m. 25 februari

4, 11, 18, 25 februari. 19h30 – 21h30

1 les : 15 € (- 26 jaar: €12 )
Voor een volledige reeks mag je 5€ korting rekenen.

De Vloer @ Nest (verdieping +3 oude stadsbibliotheek)

Technique class to sharpen the dancer’s skills for performance. In class dancers learn to deal with the speed with which the body handles and digests physical and mental information. This enables the dancer to meet and survive the demands that are made on him or her in the confined time and space of a performance. Here refined technical abilities are required to produce movement that is rich and multi-layered. By going into specific anatomy, understanding its workings and relationships, each move in a phrase and each phrase in a composition is allowed to adhere to a deeper inner logic.

Billie Hanne is a dancer, a poet, a director and a teacher. As an independent dance maker she brings her work to different venues from underground studios to established theatres, to galleries and industrial sites. She has made a significant number of solos, directs pieces for her company Billie & Wheelgod, creates commissioned works and gratefully engages with musicians, visual artists, lighting designers and poets in collaborative set ups. Her creative practice extends from the experimental tradition and is consistently involved with rooting poetry in heart of the dance. Through radical handling of dance and speech she creates instant choreographies, visceral works at the nexus of composition, improvisation, visual arts, dance and a new form of poetry. Her knowledge and understanding of the body are fed by her artistic journey as well as her instructing classes and workshops in dance centres all over Europe. She is a passionate performer and teacher able to transmit her experience with zest.
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