Tijen Lawton – Instinct and Innovation in Motion – 5 day workshop 30 oct – 3 nov

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Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November from 9h30 unitl 16h30. Everey day we start with an open warm-up yoga class by Karlien De Savoye (9u30-11u). Friday evening: presentation of ongoing individual and group process

125 € (100 € voor – 26 jarigen)

Vooruit Gent

The creative process is in the silent perseverance of a mindful training of body and brain.
Understanding that the creative process is constantly present trough the essential awareness of :
1: the organisation of the body between support, weight, surface force, dynamic and release
2 : inside and outside space
3 : a powerful centre and its overall influence on the body as a communicative vessel
4: the internal limit of thinking through perseverance
5 : a mindful stamina of brain and body
6: the possibilities of awareness and choice are endless…be prepared to enjoy an in-depth search into your physicality and senses and move, move, move…

Through out the whole week, using both choreographic phrases/exercises and improvisation, I would like to put emphasis on understanding that the creative process is constantly present, through the persevering search for further understanding of the body and through a mindful training of the brain and body.
Touching the depth of strength and release, focusing on connectivity and awareness.Understanding your body as a whole, understanding a certain sequential order of the body and how to organise, in relation to the origin and destination of the movement, to discover that the possibilities towards awareness and choice are endless.
The goal is to understand your body further than your common ways through an ongoing investigative experience…the exposing of bare energy, of explosive power, stamina, perseverance, questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the purity and complexity of the body.
Challenging your physical intelligence, strength and movement capacity through an elaborated search for the precision, intention and intensity of movement. Through a form of body consciousness breaking limits of observation, ingestion & analysis of moment as well as execution in order to be innovative, impulsive and instinctive.