Physical masterclass & creation workshop with Quan Bui Ngoc and Nicolas Vladyslav // 8 – 13 july

Nicolas and Quan will share six days of intensive workshop with one group. Each day will start with a technical class, focusing on the personal style of the teacher. Afternoons will be dedicated to improvisation and composition work, in order to create material that will be shown on the last day. Nicolas and Quan both will work on physical research in order to create personal material. They will start with the same concepts, starting points and musical or physical themes, but approach them in their own way, sometimes generating a contrasting outcome. During the last days, everything will be put together, blurring the dividing lines between the work of both choreographers, resulting into a unique blend of elements.

When: Monday 8 – Saturday 13 July 2019, 10h00 – 16h00
Where: Danspunt at Dok Noord, Sint-Salvatorstraat 18a, 9000 Ghent, BELGIUM
Who: advanced or professional dancers, movers, circus artists
Price: € 235 for early birds – registration and payment before 15th of June/
€ 255 for late desiders
Online registration: DEADLINE: 30/06/2019! Register here



Technical Class (10h-12h)
Nicolas Vladyslav
My class is a physical training based on floor work. We start the class by working our flexibility by means of different stretches, linked to the breath. We use the weight of the body and the release to achieve organic and continuous movement. We go on with some isolated technical balancing exercises (on the hands, the forearms, the shoulders, the head). We work with different points of support and we do some small acrobatics (rolls, bridges) in order to develop controlled movement when traveling the space: we combine jumps, turns, drops and being off balance; all of this while playing with risk-taking, taking the space, and also searching for different movement qualities. We end the class by combining all these elements into fluid and virtuosic choreographic phrases.

Quan Bui Ngoc
Quan’s classes are generally a combination of improvisation and challenging technical phrases. Mostly we will start with easy improvisation exercises in which we play with different parameters such as state, space, speed and rhythm to warm up the body physically. Each day we will work further on a phrase that combines floorwork, speed and acrobatics. We end the class by combining some improvisation exercises with the material in order to develop more performative ways of bringing the phrases.

Workshop (13h-16h)
Nicolas Vladyslav
After the technical warm up, we continue the day with improvisation work. We aim to physically go further into creative research, exploring different states of the body based on imposed themes. To reach this goal, we rouse our creativity with the help of musical propositions, specific rules and concrete tasks which define movement quality. This time, I would like to focus on pulse and rhythm, the repetition of movement and expressive moments of pause. Furthermore, we will work with the idea of spiral, curves, roundness and circular movement. Once the body has absorbed all this information, we concentrate on composition exercises; which can be solo, in couples or in group.

Quan Bui Ngoc
The workshop will be a moment in which Quan and the participants will have a research together in order to create personal material that gets influenced by the proximity of the body of the other. It is a research by two or more persons. Quan will give some actions and situations that help to create some kind of partnering work. The choreographies will be the result from a process of creation that is based on a combination of things:  our imagination that got inspired by the quality of wrestling sports, some specific partnering exercises that focus on speed in interaction, instinctive response and unpredictable actions. Finally we will end up making choreographies marked by specific details resulting from a refined body to body work.


Nicolas Vladyslav
After completing his studies at the Jules Vernes Circus School in Amiens, Nicolas Vladyslav discovered the art of dance with Sylvie Coqueugniot and Thierry Bain. He studied ballet at the Boulogne Conservatory and then complemented his studies with a course in contemporary dance at the National Higher Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon. His career as a professional dancer started with Ondes de Choc (2000) by Denis Plassard. He then joined Michèle-Anne de Mey in her creation Utopie (2001) at which time he also met Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui who involved him in his creations Foi (2003) and Tempus Fugit (2004). Together they put on Corpus Bach, a duet accompanied by the cellist Roel Dieltiens, which premiered in Bruges in 2005. Nicolas assisted Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui with the performances of the Monte-Carlo Ballet In Memoriam (2004) and Mea Culpa (2006) as well as Loin (2005), which was created for the Grand Théâtre de Genève ballet company, and End (2006) for the Culbergbaletten in Stockholm.

Since then he has worked together with Constanza Macras and Lisi Estaras on the creation of No Wonder, which was performed by all three in Berlin in 2005. In 2006, together with Ali Thabet, he co-created Transportés, a duet that was performed in Nouméa (New Caledonia). In 2007 he danced in Patchagonia with les ballets C de la B. Three years later, in 2010, he starred in primero-erscht and then in 2012 in A distancia, two creations by Lisi Estaras. In 2011 he co-created and danced in Dans. In 2010, for Passerelle vzw, he created Contamination. And in 2016 he created We are pretty fuckin’ far from okay, a duet with Lisbeth Gruwez (Cie Voetvolk), and Monkey Mind with Lisi Estaras.

Nicolas taught at the Michèle Anne De Mey Company and led several workshops at Garage 29 (Brussels) and in Cordoba, Argentina. He is a regular guest lecturer among others at les ballets C de la B (Ghent), Platform K (Ghent), La Raffinerie (Brussels), Artesis Hogeschool (Antwerp), Passerelle and Danspunt.

Quan Bui Ngoc starts his dance training as a child at the National School of Vietnam, joining until 1996 the Ballet of the Hanoi Opera. In 1997 Bernadette Tripier invites him to France. He stays in the dance school of Istres for a year and a half, where he explores contemporary dance techniques. He regularly returns to Vietnam to work together with the Opera or to set up several projects.

He met Alain Platel in 2002 to start working with him for Wolf.  He continued this collaboration with vsprs (2006), pitié! (2008), Out of Context-for Pina (2010), C(H)OEURS (2012) and as assistant from Alain in Nicht Schlafen (2016). In 2009 he collaborated with Lisi Estaras as a dancer in Bolero (2009)and as a co-director in I know a place (2009), a creation for the dance school of Istres. He created Jump or fall (2009) with Juliana Neves and Samuel Lefeuvre. In 2011 he joined the Australian Dance Theatre for the tour of Be Your Self

From 2012 till 2014 created his own work K. and Untold with 3art3 from Zürich. He was invited by Eva Duda dance company to create a short piece “Blurry” in the frame of Neuropean. Last years he worked on pieces as choreographer or coach with specific groups as children, even prisoners and amateurs. He worked with Alain Platel for Nicht Schlafen and Requiem L as assistent director for the choreography. This work as assistent continued in the work as artistic coach and initiator for the mass choreography on “Le Sacre du Printemps” performed in Ghent for Dag van de Dans (2018). 

In between his European work, Quan travels regularly to Vietnam to teach in Ho Chi Minh and create “The Roof “  (2016) with the contemporary dancers from HBSO in and “Behind the eye” (2018) with the dancers from Opera Hanoi. 

Recently he worked on a duet “Sculpture” (2019) with a disabled dancer from Platform K and  multi-instrumentalist Karen Willems which is still touring.