Carolina Mantovano – 6, 13, 20 en 27 mei

6, 13, 20 en 27 mei. 19h30 -21h30

Volledige reeks van 4 lessen: 60€. Omdat de lessen op elkaar verder bouwen is het niet mogelijk om voor aparte lessen in te schrijven.

De Vloer @ Nest (verdieping +3 oude stadsbibliotheek).

Carolina Mantovano is a dancer and choreographer, based in Brussels since 2009.  She collaborated as a dancer and/or choreographer in several creations of different artists like Lisi Estaras’ “Leche”, Wim Vandekeybus’ “Monkey sandwich” and the Victoria De Lux’ production “Misschien zal ik toch blijven.” Furthermore she creates her own projects and performances and in 2015, she founded the non-profit association Leonera, with which she carries out interdisciplinary collective projects in several cities. In this context she conducted a laboratory and workshop performance at BOZAR (Brussels) with the title “Regarder dehors pour mieux voir l’intérieur”

The session will be based on the duality home map / body map. Duality in the sense of understanding the body as our first home, the boundary between us and the world. We will study our forms of origin and our ways of dwelling to eventually be fused in the same system. Through decoding the map of the body we resignifying what it means to inhabit it and dance it. The workshop proposes a tool that enables us to connect with a sensitive and individual approach of these two elements: HOME and BODY. We will draw and design them on paper and look for correlations through free personal association and connotation .

We will conceptualize, finding new meanings for body parts and renaming them. It is at the same time exploration and setting in motion. Participants will investigate movements and produce a dance which will be particular and personal, as well as sensitive, poetic and coherent with everyone’s presence. How is it to move with these new concepts for each part of your body?

Because the classes build on one another it is only possible to inscribe for the entire serie of 4 classes.