Carolina Mantovano – 30 september, 7, 14 en 21 oktober

30 september, 7, 14 en 21 oktober. 19h00 -21h00

1 les: 15€ Volledige reeks van 4 lessen: 60€.

De Vloer @ Nest (verdieping +3 oude stadsbibliotheek).

Carolina Mantovano is a dancer and choreographer, based in Brussels since 2009.  She collaborated as a dancer and/or choreographer in several creations of different artists like Lisi Estaras’ “Leche”, Wim Vandekeybus’ “Monkey sandwich” and the Victoria De Lux’ production “Misschien zal ik toch blijven.” Furthermore she creates her own projects and performances and in 2015, she founded the non-profit association Leonera, with which she carries out interdisciplinary collective projects in several cities. In this context she conducted a laboratory and workshop performance at BOZAR (Brussels) with the title “Regarder dehors pour mieux voir l’intérieur”

During the 4 sessions, we will explore our body in motion, discovering and revisiting different aspects of our consciousness regarding our body as a whole and its parts. This experience will open up our own perception of personal dance. We will welcome the possibility of being surprised at our own tools, sometimes unknown. Launching ourselves to imagine in motion, with a body that is well-calibrated, dedicated, loose but at the same time sustained; a body that is unstructured and lightened up, with internal spaces that ensure a healthy movement experience. How can we experience the physicality of our movement?

With concrete and clear guidelines. Guidelines from different languages, beyond movement (for example, visual arts). What tools do we have? We will use improvisation as a composition tool. Improvisation grants freedom of action and movement to each person, with no need to respond to any existing structure. It allows for imagination. When we are able to understand and name the sensation derived from our improvisation, perhaps with an image or a word, we place our gaze in an outer plane which allows us to rehearse an external look while dancing. By looking at ourselves from the inside and the outside, we can anchor our dance in our conscience.

No prerequisites are required since each person will approach the work using their own tools, skills and will.  Possibility to register for single classes! BE AWARE! CLASS STARTS HALF N HOUR EARLIER!  19h-21h! 
@ DE VLOER/NEST, 3rd floor Graaf van Vlaanderenplein 40 (backdoor close to skatepark)